Friday, June 06, 2008

Seasons Ending

I've been getting some comments recently from loyal TSA readers encouraging me to drop in some of my expert perspective on public relations/marketing (my career) and its intersection with sports. I'll get to work on this, and fold it in as I can.

As a first foray into this realm, if you haven't yet seen Bob Costas' recent 90-minute special on HBO about sports and the media, you are missing out. The hottest issues in sports and media today (social media/bloggers, fantasy sports, talk radio, etc.) get a thorough look in this show, and the panel discussions are riveting beyond imagination. It was easily the best 90 minutes of TV I watched in the month of May, and that includes the season finale of The Office. Check it out:

On other matters, next week will be one of the more depressing weeks of the year. The NHL is over for the year (congrats, Red Wings), and high school sports are wrapping up with state tournaments this week. The NBA Finals and Twins are going, but not much else. That means, of course, that the volume of reading material in the local sports section will drop considerably by next week. I love reading about the Twins as much as anyone, but it will be three more months until football season pulls us out of this funk. The countdown is on.

Speaking of endings, there was a high school tennis match this morning between rivals Wyatt McCoy of Mounds View and Michael Sicora of Buffalo in the state semifinals. These guys have played each other hard at state the last few years, and the winner eventually won the state title. So their final match in their storied high school careers...started at 8 a.m. today. Seriously, what a buzzkill. By the time I read the paper, the match was already underway, and that's one I might have driven the half-hour to the U of M to watch. Who schedules these things anyways...

And the oddest thing I've seen in a long time: Kevin Slowey, pinch-running for Mike Redmond?

That's all for now. I'm out like 2007 Rallykiller Nick Punto.

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