Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Favre, or Not to Favre

Seriously, I'm as burnt out as anyone on this whole Favre thing, and I hope people can find something else to talk about soon. And Brett, let it go.

But I heard a rumor yesterday that made me think fresh thoughts about the whole scenario: Brett Favre WANTS to be a VIKING. It may sound crazy, but you know, it really isn't that farfetched. Darren Bevell, Vikings coordinator, is a good friend of Brett. There are some former Packers on the roster, including Darren Sharper. They play in a domed stadium, and the closest thing the Vikes have to a cold-weather game this year is October 19 at Chicago, so Brett would be able to play in favorable conditions pretty much all year. And the Vikes have a very real shot to win the NFC this year and get back to the Super Bowl.

At first, I thought that there's no way the Vikings would want to sack up with a player who has burned the franchise and its fans so many times. But he's a Hall of Famer coming off a great year, and he would firm up the team's QB position - really, the one glaring question mark right now on the entire team. The thought that the Vikings and Favre could be mutually interested in one another actually makes a lot of sense. As Tarvaris himself said, what team wouldn't be interested in adding Brett Favre? And as such, what fans wouldn't be excited to root for him? Of course, the Packers will keep him and eat his salary before they let him go to Minnesota. But it's an interesting twist to the story...I think it makes more sense than Tampa Bay does.

I'm out like Alex Rodriguez from the All-Star Game.

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Ted C. Williams said...

It'd be interesting to see Favre in purple, but it'll never happen. T-Jack's the starting day QB for the Vikes, Rodgers will be the starter for the Pack (but will get hurt shortly after and then the mass scramble begins), and KERRY EDWARDS LEAD THE BILLS TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!! Ok, that last part may be a little bit of a stretch, but it doesn't hurt to dream big, does it?